About Me

My name is Andrew Dillon. I am a resident of St. Louis, Missouri. I’m currently studying Computer Science as an undergraduate. I work as a Software Developer. I enjoy writing software, thinking about the future, and learning about machine learning/AI in my spare time. I am fascinated by HTM theory in particular, and have contributed to the HTM.Java project.


You can contact me by email. I do my best to respond to all emails I receive in a timely fashion. My email is andrew.dillon.j@gmail.com.

I am also on GitHub and LinkedIn.


You can subscribe to this blog via RSS with the following URL: http://hopding.com/feed.xml

About This Blog

This website is hosted by GitHub Pages. If you are so inclined, you can access the site’s repository here.

I’ve chosen to name my blog Hopding because it’s a snappy, funny name. I’ve employed Hopding as a username for a number of purposes since age 8, and the domain hopding.com was happily available for purchase.